How to Teach Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Be a good role model for you kids! Children are little sponges. Toddlers, especially, like to mimic their parents and siblings. Your first step in teaching your child good health habits is to get a good example. Let them watch you brush your teeth in the morning and at night. You’ll be amazed what your little one picks up just from watching.

Discuss what you’re doing and why! Your child may not understand at first, but repetition is key. Eventually the idea sinks in that brushing your teeth, and other healthy tasks are things you just have to do. Explain that you brush your teeth because taking care of your teeth keeps you healthy, lets you eat all kinds of yummy foods and makes your smile pretty. Give your kids motivation to do what they need to do.

Give your kids a toothbrush and show them how to brush their teeth! Use toothpaste approved by theADAwith your child favorite character like Elmo or Toy Story. The goal is to get your children in the habit of doing these things, not complete perfection.

Make it easy to access the sink by using a step stool! Have your child climb up, show them how to turn the knobs, apply some toothpaste and show them how to brush and rinse.

Make it fun! Making it fun will make your children WANT to take care of themselves. Be excited.. “Let’s go brush our teeth”! Let them practice brushing their teeth and gums. When you go to the store, let them pick out the toothbrush and toothpaste to use. Sing a silly song about brushing teeth while your toddler brushes. Make funny faces while you brush yours. This will make the habit fun and your kids will be happy when you announce, “It’s time to brush our teeth”!