Meet Dr. Merrily Sandford

Dr. Merrily Sandford is committed to a completely different approach to your dental experience! She is known throughout Central Texas as a premier Cosmetic Dentist who also practices Biological Dentistry. For that reason, patients come to her from all over Texas for their treatment.

Dr. Sandford understands on a very personal level how important biological dentistry is due to her own child’s mercury poisoning.

Dentistry as practiced by Dr. Sandford incorporates the best elements of conventional dentistry with attention to many extra considerations, especially Cosmetic Dentistry and overall health of her patient.

Oral Health is Connected To Your Overall Health

Dr. Sandford as well as many other physicians now understand and believe that your oral health is intimately connected to your overall health.

Regular hygiene visits are very instrumental in preventing heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, premature births and low-birth-weight babies. She knows this reflects, on many levels, an appreciation for the relationship of the teeth and oral cavity to the rest of the body.

The Power Of A Beautiful Smile

She firmly believes you should “Never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile!” In today’s society you are often judged in 5 seconds or less by your smile. This can be unfortunate but so very true!

If your teeth are beautiful, straight and white you are perceived as being successful. The good news as Dr. Sandford says “You no longer have to keep the smile you were born with or have had problems with”.

After just a couple of appointments your discolored, misaligned, uneven teeth can be corrected with the placement of porcelain veneers. Each and every veneer is custom made to flawless perfection by our award winning dental ceramist and your new appearance will make you look ten to fifteen years younger, instantly.

When patients ask about improving their existing smile Dr. Sandford likes to ask, “Do you have a hands free smile?” She knows that after years of being embarrassed to smile her patient’s would no longer have to hide behind their hand when they smile.

She says, “This transformation always changes how my patients feel about themselves and their only regret is that they waited so long.”

Experienced, Gentle and Caring

Dr. Sandford is an experienced, gentle, caring dentist with 22 years of experience who uses the most high-tech, advanced and comfortable techniques in modern dentistry.

She is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in 1988, and the prestigious Rosenthal Institute at New York University School of Dentistry in 2002.

She places great importance on getting to know her patients and always listens to their concerns. She emphasizes the cosmetic aspect in all her work because she knows that when your smile looks good, you feel good and your comfort and well-being are always her first concern!

Biological Dentistry

Your personal health is directly related to your oral health.

Sleep Apnea Dentistry

Improve your overall life and health with no more snoring.

Pediatric Orthodontist

Beautiful smiles are just the beginning.

Professional Education, Achievements, and Affiliations

  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Graduate 1988
  • University of California General Practice Residency at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Graduate
  • Prestigious Rosenthal Institute and Center for Aesthetic Dentistry Graduate
  • BioLase World Clinical Laser Institute Graduate
  • Montefiore Conscious Patient Management with IV Sedation Graduate
  • Sleep Group Solutions Dental Sleep Medicine Graduate
  • International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Accredited Member
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Member
  • St. David’s Foundation Theo Project Awards Recipient 4 Consecutive Years
  • Highlighted and Interviewed by NBC affiliate KXAN and CBS affiliate K-EYE
  • Featured in Austin All Natural and Austin Woman Magazine
  • Interviewed and Featured on Let’s Get Healthy Radio Talk Show
  • DNA Craniofacial Epigenetics Certified
  • Epigenetic Pneumopedics® for OSA with the DNA appliance® System Certified
  • Dick Barnes Group Sleep Dentistry Graduate
  • Dental Sleep Masters
  • Perfect Start Clinical Training Graduate
  • American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry Member